Fourth Edition Spanish Language Course Underway for Public Servants

31 May

Professor Nelson Hernan Giraldo during a session with participants

Seventy-seven public servants are currently benefitting from the fourth edition of Spanish language courses held under a cultural agreement signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the Republic of Colombia since 1970. The classes are scheduled to end in August. Participants will receive a certificate from the Universidad Del Norte of Colombia at the conclusion of the course.

National Ozone Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture Behonka Dey said, “It’s a bit challenging, especially the vocabulary although I like that the class is continuous.” She noted that she often encounters Spanish while at work and “even though I might not be fluent, I still need to understand what is being said.”

Another participant, Foreign Service Officer Robin Motayne with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that the course was interactive with a very engaging lecturer. “Very little English is spoken in the class, which is good because a foreign officer should be versed in a language; at least one or two,” Motayne continued.

Other participants come from Guyana Revenue Authority, the Ministry of the Presidency, Carnegie School of Home Economics, Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Guyana Lands and Survey Commission, the Ministry of Business, the Guyana Police Force, the Ministry of Public Health, the Teaching Service Commission and the Ministry of Education among others.

The four-month course is being conducted by Professor Nelson Hernan Giraldo who has taught at several universities and academic institutions.


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