Guyana Participates in Colourful World Exhibition

15 Sep

Chinese duet performing O Beautiful Guyana and Sitira Gal.. The performers are Li Xiaona on the Dulcimer and Zhang Ying on the Pipa.

In furtherance of our Mission’s programme of Public Diplomacy in China, the Embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Beijing participated in an exhibition entitled “Colourful World-Beijing International Culture Exhibition, 2017”. The Exhibition was held during September 11th -13th at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing and sub-titled “Second Colourful World Cultural Exhibition of Countries Along the Belt and Road”.

Embassy personnel fashioned a display booth featuring Guyanese craft items, local products, traditional garb, photographs, books and informational material. Among the locally manufactured goods exhibited were sauces, condiments, coffee, and sugar. Fresh produce typical of Guyana that are available in China were purchased and put on display. Approximately 75 Embassies as well as a number of companies and regions from China, organized display booths for the event.

A featured element of the exhibition consisted of cultural presentations from around the world in music, song, dance, and video. In an effort to span the cultural chasm between our two countries, the cultural performance by our Embassy comprised of musical renditions of O Beautiful Guyana and Sitira Gal performed by a Chinese duet.

The Guyana booth was the object of attention of a constant stream of visitors who displayed much interest in the articles exhibited. Many were disappointed that none were being offered for sale.

At the opening ceremony, His Excellency Mr. Bayney Karran, Ambassador of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to the People’s Republic of China was invited to give the following remarks:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Culture is the garment that cloaks each of us in our individual identity and it is the thread that knits communities together giving them cohesion and guiding their purpose.

The immense diversity and richness of the cultures of the world is an essential feature of civilization and is one of the most profound accomplishments of our species.

Right here in Beijing, as in the rest of China, cultures of great richness, fascination and diversity have emerged since ancient times and continue to flourish even now as part of the great Chinese cultural tradition.

In a world currently beset by intolerance and conflict there is no better way to establish peace and friendship than to foster an understanding of each others’ cultures. Unless one can understand a people’s heritage and traditions it would be difficult to appreciate their beliefs and values, or to build the bridges that lead to common progress.

It can be said that the appreciation of the culture of others is an important step on the path to global stability and sustainable development.
With this in mind, the Embassy of Guyana is delighted to be a part of this Colorful World-Beijing International Culture Exhibition 2017. The modest pavilion which our Embassy has organized, offers a glimpse of the diverse and exotic culture of the Guyanese people. Although we are situated mostly within the great Amazon rainforests of South America, our people’s dominant cultural influences are more closely aligned to the Caribbean region.

The people of Guyana originate from four continents -Africa, Asia, America and Europe. The three great religions of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism all flourish within our communities. Our population is renowned for its inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony. You can therefore well understand the colourful, diverse character of our cuisine, clothing and music and the exotic nature of our festivals and traditions -all located in a setting of pristine natural beauty. Myself colleagues from our Embassy would be happy to welcome you to our booth to tell you more about Guyana’s culture and to learn about yours.

In the meantime I wish to thank and congratulate the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and the CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council for organizing this 12th China Beijing International  Cultural and Creative Industry Expo and all the wonderful countries represented here today.

I wish you all great success in this worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you.

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