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Government welcomes CARICOM Statement on AMLCFT Legislation

The Government of Guyana welcomes the statement made by CARICOM Heads of Government following their recent meeting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation before the Parliament. In the Statement they stressed the negative impact which the failure by Guyana to enact the Bill would have on its national economy and the consequential implications for the wider region.

The CARICOM statement recognises the grave perils that loom before Guyana and the Caribbean should the CFATF recommendations not be enacted and should Guyana find itself blacklisted as a consequence. In doing so, the statement has vindicated the concerns expressed by the Government of Guyana over the past year, and the call by Government and by the multitude of other national stakeholders for the National Assembly to proceed with passage of the Bill submitted by Government in response to the CFATF recommendations.

The call by CARICOM for enactment of the legislation is a welcome one. It is the hope of the Government of Guyana therefore that the Opposition Parliamentary Parties will heed the call of our regional partners and allow Guyana to proceed with the Bill with the required urgency, and not procrastinate any further thereby placing the country and the Region in jeopardy.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
March 12, 2014


Guyana and Norway to lead UN process on Financing for Development

The Permanent Representatives of Guyana and Norway have been appointed by the President of the United Nations General Assembly to lead a UN process on financing for development. Ambassador George Talbot of Guyana and his Norwegian counterpart, Ambassador Geir Pedersen, have been mandated to conduct inclusive and transparent intergovernmental consultations, with the participation of major institutional stakeholders, on all issues related to the forthcoming third international conference on financing for development, including the date, format, organisation and scope of the conference. The conference will likely be held in 2015.

With the United Nations currently embarked on the elaboration of a post-2015 development agenda as a successor to the Millennium Development Goals framework that has anchored the Organisation's work in development since 2000, an agreement on the means of implementation, including on financing, will be critical to the efficacy and successful implementation of the new agenda. The financing for development conference is expected to provide a holistic framework for mobilizing resources from a variety of sources and for the effective use of financing for the achievement of the sustainable development goals that will be at the core of the post-2015 development agenda.

Public financing, including ODA, will remain a key component of global financing for development. The leveraging of financing from other sources, including new private sector investments, unlocking domestic resources, harnessing trade flows, and curbing illicit outflows will be among the important questions that the conference will address. The forthcoming conference will follow up and build on the Monterrey Consensus adopted at the International Conference on Financing for Development held in 2002 in Monterrey, Mexico, and the Doha Declaration which emanated from the 2008 Doha conference on the subject.

Guyana's appointment is a reflection of the respect that the country enjoys at the United Nations, in particular on issues of sustainable development. It affords a special opportunity to contribute to the effort to update and strengthen the multilateral financing framework that could help to translate the post-2015 development agenda into meaningful outcomes for member countries.

This latest Guyana-Norway collaboration at the multilateral level follows on the already established bilateral cooperation arrangement between the two countries in the promotion of sustainable development and the combat of climate change.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
March 5, 2014

Honourable Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, Minister of Foreign Affairs paid a two day visit to Guatemala on January 15th and 16th, 2014 at the invitation of her counterpart Minister of Foreign Affairs Honourable Luis Fernando Carrera Castro. She had discussions with Minister Carrera and also met with officials in the tourism, sugar and handicraft sectors.

Minister Rodrigues-Birkett met with the President of the Sugar Association of Guatemala Mr Fraterno Vila who expressed a keen interest in working with Guyana in the sugar sector. Himself a private miller and farmer, Mr. Vila has more than 35 years’ experience in sugar and owns one of the most efficient and productive companies in the sugar sector. He guided Minister Rodrigues-Birkett on a tour of his operations. Guatemala is ranked as the fourth largest sugar exporter in the world and third in terms of efficiency and productivity. Guyana will continue to engage Guatemala in cooperation in this sector.

Guatemala also boasts a developed handicraft industry which is closely linked to the tourism sector. At a meeting with officials from these two sectors, assistance was offered to Guyanese women in particular as Guyana seeks to develop its handicraft industry.

Guyana and Guatemala established diplomatic relations in 1992 but bilateral relations have not been very active. In an effort to strengthen these relations Minister Rodrigues-Birkett had invited Minister Carrera to Guyana and he paid a working visit in August 2013.

During her visit, Minister Rodrigues-Birkett and Minister Carrera signed an Agreement on Political Consultations which would provide a mechanism for Guyana and Guatemala to develop coordinated positions on several matters as well as allow regular exchanges on issues of common interest on the regional and international agendas.

Minister Rodrigues-Birkett was accompanied by Mr Jevon Rodrigues, Foreign Service Officer II in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
January 17, 2014