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Am I eligible for Guyanese Citizenship? 

The Constitution and laws of Guyana provide for the acquisition of Guyanese citizenship by four means:

  • Birth
  • Descent
  • Naturalisation and
  • Registration

A person is a Guyanese citizen if he/she is born in Guyana . Such person is eligible for a Republic of Guyana passport and all other privileges given to any Guyanese.

A person born outside of Guyana is a citizen of Guyana at the date of his birth if at that date his father or his mother is a citizen of Guyana . Such persons are not required to meet residency requirements; the birth must be registered by the parents as an overseas birth registration upon which the parents can apply for a Republic of Guyana passport for the child.

A person is eligible for Guyanese citizenship by naturalization and must show that he is ordinarily resident in Guyana and has been so resident throughout the period of five years immediately preceding his application, that he is of good character and that he intends to reside in Guyana . On approval, the person will be granted a Certificate of Naturalisation and will have to take the oath of allegiance to Guyana .

A person who marries a Guyanese citizen is also eligible to apply to be registered as a Guyanese citizen having met all the legal requirements i.e. having legally entered the country and having been legally in Guyana . Unlike persons applying for naturalization who must fulfill a specific number of years of residency, there is no such requirement in this case.

Persons can also apply to be registered as Guyanese citizens if they are citizens of a Commonwealth country as stated in the Constitution of Guyana or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland . The person must show that he has been ordinarily resident in Guyana or has been in the service of the Government of Guyana or has had partly such residence and partly such service, throughout the period of five years ending with the date of his application.

It should be noted that in the interests of national security or public policy, the Minister of Home Affairs may refuse to register or naturalise a person as a citizen of Guyana .

Guyanese citizenship cannot be obtained by any other means other than those stated above.

As such, persons are urged to be wary of internet schemers or any other fraudulent persons, who offer any other means of obtaining Guyanese citizenship and a Guyanese passport. It is advised that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration Support Services Section, be contacted for assistance with respect to any inquires on citizenship maters.