Overseas Guyanese have always maintained a strong connection with their homeland, Guyana. A connection which cannot be diminished with distance or time. Over the years, many Guyanese have returned to Guyana as tourists, visitors and investors, and have made sterling contributions to Guyana’s social and economic growth through their involvement in philanthropy, investment, tourism or as remigrants.

In recognition of the important role the Diaspora can play as a contributor to Guyana’s national development and in keeping with the Ministry’s Strategic Plan to actively engage the Guyanese Diaspora in developmental efforts, the Ministry has established a Diaspora Unit to allow for a structured engagement aimed at strengthening relations and dialogue, to foster national development.

In recent times, many countries have recognized the important role and the contributions, which the overseas Diaspora can make towards aiding a country in achieving its development goals. The Government of Guyana does recognize the works and contributions of various Guyanese Diaspora Organizations and individuals and encourages them to continue in these endeavours.

The Ministry hopes that with the establishment of the Diaspora Unit, the contributions and resources of the Diaspora could be streamlined and utilized effectively to aid in the achievement of Guyana’s development goals.

The objectives of the Unit are as follows:

  1. To promote and strengthen relations between the Government of Guyana and the Guyanese Diaspora;
  2. To promote a better understanding of Guyana’s development goals and priority areas of focus within Diaspora communities;
  3. To engage the Guyanese Diaspora by encouraging them to contribute towards Guyana’s national development;
  4. To facilitate the formal establishment of a structured mechanism to engage the Guyanese Diaspora;
  5. To create and manage a database which will profile the Guyanese Diaspora in the different countries and regions;
  6. To act as a communication bridge between the Government of Guyana and the Guyanese Diaspora.
  7. To create a One-Stop-Shop for overseas Guyanese who may wish to engage in investment, trade, doing business with Guyana, philanthropy or make contributions to Guyanese communities.

Guyana Diaspora (GUYD) Project

The Guyana Diaspora (GUYD) was implemented by the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the International Organizations for Migration (IOM). It seeks to engage the Guyanese Diaspora all over the world and facilitates the collection of data on skills, experiences, their return interest and plans of those willing to support development individually or through organizations and institutions within Guyana.

Learn more about the GUYD Project at: www.guydproject.minfor.gov.gy